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Young Patriot - Bold Warrior - Betrayed


219BC—Carthage locks horns with Rome in a bloody war for survival… When Carthage’s charismatic general Hannibal launches his army on a daring campaign across Spain to Gaul and over the Alps into Italy to bring predatory Rome to its knees, his cousin, noble-born teenager Malco is proud to take part in the glorious endeavor.


From the heat of the Libyan desert to the passion of great love, Malco—the Thunderbolt—battles corrupt politics, bears, wolves, dread mountain passes, and the massed Celtic tribes who would bar Hannibal’s path to victory. Through his eyes and the loves of his life—Giskon, hotheaded activist; Juba, Numidian warrior; and Trebon, dearest and eternal friend—this violent tale unfolds across the rich tapestry of history, of political intrigue, and brutal bloody war.


Finally, the deadly political infighting at home destroys Malco’s patriotic feelings, and he finds himself hating Carthage even more than his sworn enemy Rome. Malco is inexorably led to a moment of fateful choice that will determine the future course of his life, and that of those he loves.


332 pages

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"I finished Thunderbolt Saturday but Malco is still with me. I don’t think I will forget him any time soon. In fact Thunderbolt just went on my very short list of books I will keep with me for life.  The book is an endearing, stirring and engrossing work with magnificent artistry of language, pacing and storytelling. It is great historical fiction and by great I mean it stands among the best I’ve read."

— Lucas Lyons (Goodreads)

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