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Adventure, mayhem, and mystery set in four very different historical

periods, in which  young heroes pit themselves against death and

destruction in colonial India, the Crusades, and darkest West Africa.


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A sweeping history of the Byzantine Empire joins the highly acclaimed and lavishly illustrated The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome


ebooks and paperbacks.

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Romantic gay fiction, ebooks and paperbacks, by Roger M. Kean

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Five books detailing the adventures of American Gil Graham and Brit Mike Smith, wicked boys both…

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The Empire Series, three big novels of romance and adventure set against a backdrop of war in Egypt and the Sudan in the late Victorian period

Adventure with Hannibal in Italy with heroic young Malco Barca, fighting the might of Rome

A man called Felix with love for all men

Premier League football action on and off the pitch

Illustrated erotic gay fiction at its hottest by Zack, Rod Bellamy and Kip Nolan from Bruno Gmünder

YoungAdult GayReading

Illustrated  fiction from the pen and hand of celebrated gay artist Zack, four standalone novels and…

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… the Boys of Imperial Rome novels #1 and #2, plus two Gay Pulp novels from Rod Bellamy and Kip Nolan

Adult gay fiction for 18 years and over – ebooks and paperbacks. Click covers for more detail

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