Praise for The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome


If you want a slightly different and more visual take on a fascinating subject, this book is a must!

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This book gives great descriptions of each Emperor, drawing on every source imaginable. It covers every period, a lot of which have very little written about them elsewhere (such as the Third Century). Every imaginable Emperor is in: usurpers, the Emperors of the Gallic Empire; the book even covers the lives of some rulers who were not Emperors, such as the Gothic kings of Italy and leaders of the later Roman Republic.


What attracted me to this book were the wonderful pictures. There are pictures of every emperor, pictures from statues, coins, paintings, and sometimes all of the above. The coins were used so often that I'd recommend anyone with an interest in Roman coins to just look at the pictures. The maps are also great: there are lots of maps, which are always helpful when dealing with places that have changed a lot in two thousand years. Everything is in color and beautiful. One thing that really struck me about the book is that it has the wealth of pictures and the accessibility one might find in book targeted to a younger audience, but the sophistication and enormous amount of detailed information one might expect from a professor of classics. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Aficionados of the trials, tribulations, big personalities and exploits of ancient Rome will look hard to find a more definitive but accessible reference guide to this compelling time in global history. The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome covers not only background history, but also the politics of the time, as well as military and economic strategies, and their social impact. It is an exhaustive coverage of the world’s most powerful and influential empire, and would be at home on the book shelf of anyone studying – or simply interested in – ancient Rome. Film-maker, journalist Roger Michael Kean has edited historical reference books for many years. Here, his approach is sober, scholarly and methodical. This chronicle is less about scandal and titillation and more for those with a bent for the encyclopedic and, indeed, accurate.


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The acclaimed print book is now available as an eBook download in two volumes, with all the hundreds of images and maps linked to pages on this website.


Few books before have ever explored the exploits, achievements, and notorious antics of ancient Rome's imperial dynasties in such readable detail. The book describes the lives of every man (and a few women) who aspired to the purple, from Augustus in 23 BC to Justinian I, who died in AD 565. Many may be familiar with the descendants of Julius Caesar—Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero—but how many know about Maximinus Thrax, Claudius II Gothicus, or the Gallic empire of Postumus? All 118 emperors and barbarian rulers of the period are brought vividly to life, illustrated by a mixture of drawings of their busts and coinage, and complemented by specially commissioned maps that clearly outline imperial ambitions and failures.


The Complete Chronicle of the Emperors of Rome is a record of the political, social, military, and economic strategies of the world's most powerful ancient empire. A unique book and an essential companion to anyone interested in, or studying, the ancient Romans.


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