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Escaped from movie mogul James Rosen's depraved clutches in Rome, Gil Graham and his boyfriend Mike Smith head for London to set up home together. To Gil, the London of 1980 is at first a puzzling place, but jobs at Pinewood film studios and a fine apartment in a leafy suburb promise good times. Now life is cool for Gil and Mike, and horny sex-action on the side cements their love for each other. Mike introduces Gil to the hectic joys of giant disco Paradise. Hot backroom action, cruising Hampstead Heath, gladiatorical combat, and a porn-movie shoot are all part of their adventures. But can the idyll last once James Rosen turns up, bent on revenge? A wild trip to New York climaxes with a brutal showdown that threatens the lovers' future—and Gil's life. Can Mike summon the courage to sacrifice what he holds dearest?


Illustrated paperback (208 pages) and ebook


Cruelly split to escape a deadly threat from Hollywood tycoon James Rosen, bitter Gil Graham and guilt-ridden Mike Smith are forced to rebuild their lives continents apart. Only work—and plenty of exciting but vicarious sex—stop their their loveless lives falling apart. How can either of them possibly cope without their lost friend and soulmate? While in London Mike endures Rosen's vicious attentions, Gil chases solace in fleeting encounters in Venice Beach and Los Angeles. Then fate strikes in a surprising way and suddenly Mike is free to pursue the dream of reuniting with his wronged buddy… if he can find him. Seemingly insurmountable obstacles face him in his desperate quest as he strives to make the boys of two cities lovers in one.


Illustrated paperback (192 pages) and ebook


Reunited with Mike Smith in London, Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies through writing scripts, while Mike's younge brother Will pursues Gil with all the guile and determination he possesses in abundance. Mike has his own problems when teenage heartthrob popster turned movie star Nathan Cliffe turns his off-screen perfomance into an erotic dance for Mike's heart—and something below his belt. When the star commandes Mike must obey. Gil isn't happy, the movie star brat comes between them, and it's not helped by Mike's teasing when Gil sells a script—for an unlikely project. Against the frantic backdrpof London's gay scene, Gil and Mike must confront the strains that ambition, work, and outright jealousy place on their hard-won love. Will they be up to the challenge or will the frenzy of temptation tear them apart forever?


Illustrated paperback (192 pages) and ebook


1980, Rome's famous Cinecitta film studios, and wet-behind-the-ears "gofer" Gil Graham from Los Angeles meets British "gofer" Mike Smith. They're the Boys of Vice City and their tempestuous love affair rocks them to London—Disco City—splits them between Two Cities, and reunites them in the Fast Lane of London again. But Gil knows Mike has a past, that their nemesis, the movie mogul James Rosen, "picked Mike out of the gutter." So how does a privately educated Latin scholar fall so low? Boy of the West End takes Mike back in time to his schooldays in 1975 and then follows his trail of discovery, perdition, and eventual redemption.


Illustrated paperback (240 pages) and ebook

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Adult Gay Fiction from Bruno Gmünder

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The first of five novels featuring the sexy adventures of American Gil graham and Brit Mike Smith, set in the early 1980s. Gil Graham wanted a job in the movies, but when he walks into the offices of James Rosen, Hollywood's toughest new-style movie producer, he gets more than he bargained for. The innocent young American is catapulted into the center of the intrigues of a horny crew shooting a movie in Rome. In this fast-paced story sex-hungry guys abound, all wanting a share of the handsome young newcomer's ass. Gil soon discovers that he has a lot of what the hunky young men working on the film want, and before long he's giving it to them every way they want it. The glamorous—and sometimes not so glamorous—movie business forms the backdrop to this carnal tale acted out in Rome's sultry streets—Vice City, where everything is for sale. But by the end Gil finds something more valuable than a career… true love.


Illustrated paperback (176 pages) and ebook

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