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Adult Gay Fiction from Bruno Gmünder

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Unwanted and abandoned by his absent Mississippi River plantation-owning daddy, young Jeff got by as best he could in a torrid world of prostitution and vice where the whole neighborhood used him as a handy, cheap sex-toy. And then, out of the blue, came an airline ticket to distant Hawaii, where his wealthy daddy enjoyed a decadent high-life of unbridled lust. Was this his father finally showing him he cared…? A false hope—all he found was chaos and more horny men after his delectable butt…until he met Mohammed—a man who seemed to appreciate him. But that was when his troubles really began. Twisted desires and murderous jealousy put his very life in jeopardy—could young Mississippi Hustler survive and find true love?

Rod Bellamy forges a searing tale of gay life in Cold-War 1960s U.S.A.


Paperback (320 pages) and ebook


Far from the bright lights, high up by the Hollywood sign, private investigator and studio fixer Rick Barker finds a victim of brutal murder that threatens to blow up into a scandal that could ruin Mount Rushmore Pictures. In Downtown L.A. a Greyhound bus delivers troubled teenager and wannabe star Zeke Candy to Tinseltown He’s promptly snared by a talent scout who sees the good-looking boy’s potential. As the movie industry launches a fight-back against the onslaught of TV, the City of Angels, where anything goes and dog eats dog in the quest for fame and riches, reveals its true nature: young Zeke is soon plunged into a maelstrom of exploitation and corruption where his only asset is to be meat for movie moguls, stars, and has-beens, traded by unscrupulous fixers out for an easy buck.


Paperback (288 pages) and ebook

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Rod Bellamy

Kip Nolan

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