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Hot Guns for Hire When Luke and Harry, young army veterans turned hustlers, are offered a small fortune to join a band of mercenaries by a stranger in a New York bar, they can't refuse - and before they know it they are plunged into the adventure of their lives. Raw Recruits catapults you into the scorching, sweaty, rough and tumble world of mercenaries. Men who like their men tough and hard. Men who enjoy sex to the hilt—anytime anywhere, anyhow! Live with them, love with them, see them in Zack's searing illustrations—if you're man enough!


Illustrated paperback (192 pages) and ebook


Clint is a loner with an independent streak a mile wide. He's just your average happy-go-lucky London rent-boy with few cares on his mind, until he unwisely robs a customer. Clint soon discovers that paying society its due for his petty theft carries a lethal price. He's now become part of a giant shadowy corporation that runs arenas all over the world. Its prisoners are trained to fight to the death under the cold gaze of cameras and for the pleasure of an elite who pay to watch their favorite blood sport. Clint is soon fighting for his life, but he also discovers that love is his only redemption.


Illustrated paperback (240 pages) and ebook


Tough, no-nonsense Eric Random, an English mercenary soldier on his way to Venice in 1527, encounters rough-and-tumble sex at every inn along the way. The randy roughneck never misses an opportunity for an erotic adventure: stable lads, tavern servers, and page boys all fall to his remorseless assault, only to be tossed aside as Eric moves on. And then something unexpected happens - This graphic portrait of degenerate, brawling, and licentious Renaissance Italy unfolds as a history that's never been taught in the classroom.


Illustrated paperback (208 pages) and ebook


When Ryan and Ethan decide on a backpacking expedition in the Arizona Desert, they want the trip to be tough, grueling, and hot. But what they encounter is heat of a different kind—rutting studs! Kidnapped on the desert sands, they are flown to a luxury hideaway and meet Ganbaatar,mastermind of sex and drugs, slave master over a stable of young studs trained to please every twisted perversion the wealthy can pay for... In this searing dream world of wild sex, where anything goes and no animal urge is denied, lust goes berserk in a prison with its own rules—can Ryan and Ethan take it?


Illustrated paperback (208 pages) and ebook

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Adult Gay Fiction from Bruno Gmünder

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