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22. Valerian & Gallienus

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Valerian and

his wife

Egnatia Mariniana 

(coin below).

A vigorous intensity emanates from this naturalistic bust of Gallienus. Left: four coins depicting Gallienus (top), his wife Salonina and two of their sons—Saloninus, murdered at the start of the Gallic rebellion, and Valerian II, who died fighting barbarians along the Danube.

The usurpation of Regalianus in 259 lasted long enough for him to mint coins of himself and his wife Dryantilla.

A bust thought to be of Gallienus's trusted commander of cavalry Aureolus. He was not so worthy of the trust. His revolt in Italy in 268 set the scene for the emperor's end through the treachery of his senior military officers.


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